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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Athens, GA Training

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Atlanta, GA Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Gainesville, FL 2007 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL Training

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Atlanta, GA 2007 Parkour Meetup - "Jam of the Century"

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Athens, GA Training

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Free Running/Parkour Georgia Info
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Author Post
Aug 11 05, 04:30PM
Orlando, Fl
Georgia Free Running/Parkour Representatives:

Local Georgia Free Running/Parkour Groups:
Marietta/Kennesaw, Georgia
Macon, Georgia

If your city is not yet represented in the forum, make a post with the following:
Title: "Your City, Georgia"
"Registered Members That Have Jammed With Us: You
Others That Have Jammed With Us: Your friends that you Jam with (if you have any) that aren't yet members"

If your city is represented:
Reply to the post with the title matching Your City/Georgia

***Once a Your City/Georgia post has been made, it will be turned into a sticky by Georgia's representative. Any others replying to a sticky will be edied into the post by a representative or the original poster.

[ Edited ]
Dec 10 05, 12:38PM
Gwinnett, Georgia
what in the world does that mean Mod? i'm in georgia relativly near atlanta
Dec 10 05, 12:41PM
Gwinnett, Georgia
Grayson, Ga
Dec 10 05, 12:42PM
Gwinnett, Georgia
i hope i didnt break ny rules or any thing cause ya kno i didnt see em
Feb 28 06, 01:11PM



original parkour crew


i cant wait for the jam

its gonna be fun as hell
Mar 13 06, 11:29AM

hey i just found this place, im moving to georgia in 3 months, and im looking for pkers, ill be in the military, but ill be there close to a year maybe more. i dont know where ft benning is, casuse ive lived iin washjington forever.
Mar 13 06, 10:49PM
Macon, GA
New guy: welcome.

There's a pretty active team in Atlanta, and I'm going to try and get things rolling with a small crew in Macon (about 100 miles east of Ft. Benning) in the next few months.

Columbus itself has some really nice hotspots. Check south of downtown on the riverfront, there's a couple parks that are nice starting points.
Mar 14 06, 11:45AM

so i went to mapquest, umm, is ft benning right next to coloumbia?, and can i get an address in macon?
Mar 14 06, 11:48AM

nevermind i foun it
Mar 14 06, 01:02PM
Rome, Georgia
I know its quite a drive from Colombus but we have regular training sessions in Atlanta. If you ever happen to be around during one of those weekends then def stop by.
Mar 14 06, 03:16PM
Macon, GA
Really the drive between Columbus and Atlanta isn't too horrible. It's less than 2 hours in light traffic (weekends) and it's all interstate so it's pretty painless. The biggest hassle would be driving back if you'd bruised yourself up badly or sprained a wrist or something.

But yeah, Fort Benning is right next to Columbus Georgia, which is about 100 miles from both Macon (to the east) and Atlanta (to the north-northeast).

Once I get the Macon sessions somewhat regular (in a few months or so, probably) I'll try and post more information on when/where we meet.
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Tue Mar 14 2006, 04:17PM ]</span>
Mar 15 06, 09:47AM

hi im new as well im just now starting but i live in thomaston an im looking for some people to practice with and mabye get some pointers i dont really know any good spots
thanks Drake
the ninja
Mar 15 06, 03:11PM
Hey Drake I'm also new to freerunning and been waiting on a Jam to start so I may meet the others. Nothing yet, but think there working on it. I realize thomaston is about 60miles or so south of Atlanta. I live in the city next to Peadmont Park, and would meet with you any weekend you perfer, just so we could pratice.
let me know.
Mar 16 06, 08:50AM

yeah there we go any body. I wanna jump into it head first but i need many pointers so i dont kill my self lol.( no pun intended) thanks for the hit back akilus ive emailed you. Im sure like many of you weve done this for years and not known what it was.also was this word battle between freerunning and parkour. im trying to find somwhere with obstical with out worring about cops lol.its a little harder than it seems.write back if you want email me -email-
thanks Drake
the ninja
Mar 16 06, 07:09PM
Macon, GA
'Sup Drake!

I don't know if you're mobile (do you drive/do you have your own vehicle?) but Thomaston is only 30 miles outside of Macon. The Macon PK community will probably start doing fairly regular runs sometime late this spring.

If you're looking for good hotspots without much hassle, Mercer's campus is hot, and pretty much dead before 11AM on the weekends, and the security shouldn't hassle you as long as you don't go anywhere you're not really supposed to (no climbing to the roof of the administration building, etc.) There is also a kickass new pedestrian bridge near Tatnall Square park. I'll try and grab some pictures of the area tomorrow maybe.

A buddy and I are going to run some routes this weekend, we'll tell you how it goes and if we find any other hot spots worth mentioning.
Mar 21 06, 08:32AM

hey thanks rossums sorry i didnt get back to you quick i got suspended from work for an emergency crazy right but yeah anything is better than none im still really new and havent tried alot of things yet this rain aint helping but ill mail you with more
Mar 22 06, 03:33PM

opps i got my own email wrong up afew comments ago its -email- sorry lol Drake
May 03 06, 07:33AM

Lilburn, Georgia

I have been doing PK for about 2 weeks and I'm loving it! If anyone has any tips please pm/email me. There are some great parks around here but Lilburn is not a very big city. I do most of my Pk at my house or at other parks (on playgrounds, trees, sides of restrooms etc.). Its not to bad. Hopefully I can come to the next Jam!


Jun 06 06, 11:17AM

you guys still active in macon? and if so how old are you guys
Jul 25 06, 09:08AM
Athens, Georgia
suwannee/lawrenceville, GA

[ Edited Jul 25 06, 09:09AM ]
Aug 31 06, 11:28AM
North of Atlanta Metro
Norcross, GA

[ Edited May 09 07, 10:26PM ]
Oct 04 06, 02:46PM
jones county , GA
does any one live near jones county or gray i havent
seen any other people who practice parkour

[ Edited Oct 04 06, 02:46PM ]
Oct 06 06, 09:48PM

Savannah, GA
Nov 10 06, 08:10PM

Columbus, GA
If your in the area, or coming to the area, hit me up if you wanna trace
Nov 16 06, 10:25PM

Macon georgia rite here
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