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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Athens, GA Training

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Atlanta, GA Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Gainesville, FL 2007 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL Training

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Atlanta, GA 2007 Parkour Meetup - "Jam of the Century"

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Athens, GA Training

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Back from the grave (Macon/Central Georgia Parkour)
Author Post
Feb 10 12, 05:05PM
Macon, GA
Hey guys.

So, it's been a while. Almost five years, to be exact.

I'm back, and some friends of mine and I are rebooting Central Georgia Parkour. We're planning to start doing monthly Jams in Macon starting in March, and kick it up to twice a month or weekly over the summer depending on interest.

I'm also going to try to come up to Decatur and Athens sometime over the next couple months and visit for a jam, though I'm basically coming out of a five year retirement and starting from scratch, so expect me to be the most geriatric traceur you've ever seen.

Anyway, if anybody here is in the mid-Georgia area and is interested in meeting up with us, drop me a PM here, or look me up on facebook. We're looking at establishing a facebook group to use to communicate plans and schedules and such, so I can get you a link to that if you're interested.

- HappyFeet, back from the dead and beginning again.

Also, I totally want to change my displayed name, but can't figure out how. Where is the edit-profile link?
Feb 14 12, 12:26AM
Hey I live in Macon also.

Just got back into pk; do you know of any places that are good to start running at. Ive gone to the riverwalk a couple times, but it's more open and boring then i prefer.

Also i would love to have a Jam in Macon as my erratic schedule at work prevents me from going to Atlanta too often.
Feb 14 12, 04:14PM
Macon, GA

You're right, the riverwalk is kindof flat.

Poplar street and other places downtown have plenty of good stuff. There's some good surfaces near the Macon City Auditorium too.

Washington and Coleman Hill parks are pretty good.

Mercer has GREAT stuff, and we never got hassled when we trained there before. Haven't gone back recently though, the current Mercer PD may be a lot more uptight for all I know.

There's a nice footbridge on the east side of Tatnall Sq. Park, next to Alexander II school.

I'll be doing some wander/play/experiment/explore sessions in March and April, once the weather stabilizes a little. I'll let you know whenever I have plans to go out and we can meet up at Joshua Cup or something.
Mar 04 12, 10:56PM
Gainesville, FL
Did you change your display name? Try this if you haven't yet: [link]
Mar 11 12, 10:53PM
Macon, GA
Amir: Yep, got it sorted. Thanks!
Jun 03 12, 04:57PM
Macon, GA
Just bumping this to the top to say: We've been training about three months now, and have between 3 and 6 guys that show up pretty consistently. New people are always welcome to come train with us!
Jun 05 12, 04:32PM
Decatur, GA
I've good two more guys and my 6yo daughter here in Atlanta area. As I have said in another venue... we definitely should get our groups together.
Zero Cool
Jun 11 12, 10:48PM
Macon, GA
Hey All, new here to Macon and I really have been trying to get into Parjour for a while now just haven't had anyone to help. Any chance I can get a meet up and learn some stuff?
Jun 17 12, 01:47PM
Macon, GA
Zero: Sure man. We meet up every Saturday morning around 9AM at Joshua Cup in Macon, it's near downtown. We're also meeting tonight around 6pm to do some light training (I'm recovering from a turned ankle, so I'm taking it easy) if you're interested. Same place. You'll probably see us across the street in Washington park, at least for the first half hour or so.
Jun 21 12, 10:25PM
Johns Creek, Georgia
Hey hattrick you should also join our page [link] and then we can send anyone interested who is in that are your way to train with you guys. Join the page and send a pm and we will make everyone aware of where u are and start sending ppl your way. If im right i believe there have been a few ppl already looking for that area
Jun 21 12, 10:40PM
Macon, GA
Hey Enrique: thanks for the reminder! I've been meaning to post something there for a while. I'll put our link up on the wall.

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