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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Athens, GA Training

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Atlanta, GA Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Gainesville, FL 2007 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL Training

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Atlanta, GA 2007 Parkour Meetup - "Jam of the Century"

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Athens, GA Training

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Gyms in Alabama
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Josh Wright
May 19 10, 04:45PM

2nd topic in 1 day, I know-- sorry :\! I just wanted to know something that is pretty important to me!

I like practicing front flips in the grass a lot! I can't seem to do them with proper form well, but I don't want to do them off of any objects in fear of breaking my foot! I really would like to go to a gym that has a foam pit, mats, and things like that! I have never been to one before and their is nothing like that in Scottsboro!

So... do you guys know of any here in Alabama? Closer to Scottsboro would be better--maybe in Huntsville or something? I just would like to know please, thank you! :D
May 22 10, 12:53PM
Prattville, AL
There are quite a few gyms in Huntsville. Just give google a quick look. As far as what they have and how much they will let you do, I don't know.
Chase w
May 01 11, 09:41PM
How about near gulf shores or basically in Baldwin county

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