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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Athens, GA Training

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Atlanta, GA Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Gainesville, FL 2007 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL Training

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Atlanta, GA 2007 Parkour Meetup - "Jam of the Century"

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Athens, GA Training

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Overflux Annual Southeast Jam!
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Cody R.
Feb 25 10, 02:23AM
Auburn, AL
Alright so I'm taking that the agreement by most people is that Auburn is up for out annual jam session.

The Date is..... Undetermined!
****This needs to be discussed, so lets start doing that. I'm proposing a weekend in April or May. So if we could get Amir to post a poll for all the weekends in those months. Maybe vote on what weekend WOULD NOT WORK.

2 Day Session would include:
-Chewacla, Sweet Chewacla's natural landscape and boulders....

-Tons of Campus Exploration

-A big traceur party at my house with:
-Large amount of food (catered? or possibly cooked in home)
-Parkour Video Viewing fun (50 Plasma Tele in the Living room)
-Great fellowship with your old friends and a chance
for the newer guys to meet the old timers.

-Possibly a night gym session in the Auburn Gymnastic Gym. Stay tuned for prices....

-Sore-day training

-Chiniese Buffet!!!!!!

What I need from you guys is basically when you can make it.

**Also to the scene reps, we need to schedule another planning conference call sometime to talk about how we are going to structure this jam and improve on it from last time.
Feb 25 10, 08:37AM
Athens/Statham, GA
YES!! Perfect plan. As far as food, that could be determined (catered or we cook it, ourselves) depending on the amount of people attending. I'd say 25 or less, especially if Amir and John come and don't mind directing us, we could do it, otherwise maybe catering.

For time, April would be my preference only because that involves less waiting.
Feb 25 10, 10:11AM
Spartanburg, SC
And hopefully I will know something by the time this comes around. It sounds like fun :D
Chris O'Neill
Feb 25 10, 11:31AM
Carrollton, GA
"a chance for the newer guys to meet the old timers"
I laughed till my hip broke.
I'm game pretty umch whenever
Feb 25 10, 01:07PM
Athens, GA
As soon as possible...let's do it!
Cody Bolen
Feb 25 10, 02:00PM
492 Club View Drive- Lawrenceville, GA
I'll come, but only if there are still zombies in Auburn ;)
Feb 25 10, 05:48PM

Greetings from NC! I couldn't care less when this jam is held but definitely give us a heads us when you decide. I would be more than happy to grab some guys and head down to AL!
Tom Coppola
Feb 25 10, 06:36PM
Vancouver, BC
Well, April 26-30 is finals week for me. Early April or May would be best for me. I'm excited!
Feb 25 10, 07:56PM

Yeah, I don't really care when it is either, but I know I'd love to come. I'm sure at least a couple other NC guys who would like to go as well :)
Feb 25 10, 08:07PM
Johns Creek, Georgia
This sounds Amazing to me, I like late April would be better to may would be best.
Feb 25 10, 09:06PM
Orlando, FL
I'm not too hopeful that I'll be able to come, which sucks cause I've STILL never been to Auburn.

04/27-05/07 is bad for me. I've got exams, followed immediately by graduation. There might also be a vacation with the folks in the mix somewhere too, which could knock out one of the other weekends in May.

Mid-to-late April would be no problem, but anytime in May looks doubtful.
Feb 25 10, 09:18PM
Gainesville, FL
I'm free for jams starting May 15... which is a long time from now, so I'll probably miss this one and make the next. School is a rollercoaster till then. :(
Feb 25 10, 09:37PM
Athens, GA
I'm in and am good for any weekend in March or the last three weekends of April. Also I can drive there if anyone from athens needs a ride.
Feb 25 10, 09:59PM
Auburn, AL
wow! just one day off forum, and we get a big thread
Feb 25 10, 10:23PM
Clemson, SC
Well right now I'm unemployed so I could make anything. But I hope to get a job ASAP but who knows when, where, and if that will happen, either way I'm going to do everything I can to make it out.
Feb 25 10, 10:27PM
Auburn, AL
I'm so glad to hear everyone's enthusiasm on the next jam. It appears already that no matter what date is chosen for the jam especially pre-graduation will work for some and conflict with others. After the Auburn crew meets up to discuss best possible dates to host, then maybe well post some options as a poll and see when we will be able to get the most people.
Feb 26 10, 08:11AM
Athens, GA
Maybe mid to late May would be a better date..even though I would like this to happen sooner than later..hope to see some polls soon.
Feb 26 10, 12:44PM
Auburn, AL
uhhh. if it's possible to at least figure out the month that would be good. I will plan a back trip to China in summer so if this up before May that would be perfect
Briana G
Feb 26 10, 02:08PM
Athens, GA
I would probably prefer April because it won't be so hot out, but I think anytime would be fine for me. Maybe not the first week of May, because I have exams then.
Feb 26 10, 09:30PM
Gainesville, FL
We sure can set up a pole since everyone's got different things going on. Auburn guys can come up with a number of weekends that'll work and we can go from there!
Feb 27 10, 06:09PM
Auburn, AL
briana12 wrote ...

I would probably prefer April because it won't be so hot out...

LOL...we live in the south!
Chris O'Neill
Feb 27 10, 07:48PM
Carrollton, GA
Crazy Legs
Feb 27 10, 09:35PM
Dallas, GA
I'd prefer maybe early May or mid-May because of finals and such in school as well as Baseball for school ends in late April so after that would be fine.
Feb 27 10, 09:46PM
Johns Creek, Georgia
I definately cant make it early april.
This should be a grea jam, it seems like there will most definately be a large turn out, even with the many complications
Feb 28 10, 12:42AM

hmmm. Actually March is a no-go for me, but anytime in April or May is fine.

[ Edited Feb 28 10, 12:42AM ]
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