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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Athens, GA Training

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL 2010 Parkour Meetup

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Atlanta, GA Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Auburn, AL Training

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Gainesville, FL 2007 Parkour Meetup

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Auburn, AL Training

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Atlanta, GA 2007 Parkour Meetup - "Jam of the Century"

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Athens, GA Training

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Free Running/Parkour Tennessee Info
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Author Post
Mar 23 05, 04:52PM
Orlando, Fl
Tennessee Free Running/Parkour Representatives:

Local Tennessee Free Running/Parkour Groups:
None currently, read below

If your city is not yet represented in the forum, make a post with the following:
Title: "Your City, Tennessee "
"Registered Members That Have Jammed With Us: You
Others That Have Jammed With Us: Your friends that you Jam with (if you have any) that aren't yet members"

If your city is represented:
Reply to the post with the title Your City/Tennessee

***Once a Your City/Tennessee post has been made, it will be turned into a sticky by Tennessee's representative. Any others replying to a sticky will be edied into the post by a representative or the original poster.

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Dragon Craig
Jul 11 05, 03:41PM

HEy get in touch looking to jam with other freerunners in tennesse here are my specs

Craig Michael Mccowan
I live in monterey tn but jam in cookeville with my krew the PKMOB get in touvch
Jul 19 05, 12:23PM

hey this is Dragon_craig just informing everyon there is going to be a massive JAm planned by the PKmob the 13 of auguast giving yall plenty of time to get in order and get to it check out [link] anf go to usa local jams and check it out its the tennessee cokkeville jam or e-mail me at -email- for more details
Jul 24 05, 09:30PM

Hey guys, I would like to start up a free running crew in Knoxville, TN. Please email me if interested. -email-
Knoxville, TN
Jul 24 05, 09:33PM

Jul 25 05, 01:18AM

hay i am in Hohenwlad, TN its 1hour and 30mins south of nashville in Lewis County......any one near me and my bro doing this thing???
Jul 25 05, 01:19AM

my contact info is

Jul 26 05, 12:55AM

I am new to PK. I saw the special last night and started looking into it. I introduced my friends to it and now we are all wanting to train together. If you live near Sale Creek, Tennessee and might like to train with us send me and email. -email-
Jul 29 05, 01:21AM

i am just getting started in this sport. i am just learning the basics right now. i am a dickson county resident 17 years old jus t wandering if you were local to me. if so reply to me at -email-
Aug 04 05, 11:44AM

anybody from bristol?
Aug 07 05, 04:25PM
i have a couple friends who aren't that good but i have managed to make them catch the pk bug who are comming to school at utk this next year, so you should have someone coming to knoxville soon.

i live about an hour and a half south of nashville and i will be free this next week if someone would like to arrange anything i might be able to make it. i have been doing this for a while and i am happy to drill basics or show you how to roll, whatever. email is loki_is_my_sensei at
Oct 06 05, 01:44PM

I live in North Carolina, but I attend a boarding university in collegedale, TN.
Oct 06 05, 02:07PM

Anonymous wrote ...
I live in North Carolina, but I attend a boarding university in collegedale, TN.

^That is me.
Oct 10 05, 12:00AM
yeah, go ahead and put your info under the chattanooga post. that also means you go to sau, where i am at right now. there is a group that goes out about once a week around campus. you should be able to hook up with them
Oct 10 05, 06:04AM
City, State
loki, are you guys gonna send footage for the sampler?
Dec 11 05, 10:38PM

Hey guys looking for someone in the Clarksville TN area. Send me a email at -email- or -email-
Mar 25 06, 01:59PM

Murata wrote ...
Hey guys, I would like to start up a free running crew in Knoxville, TN. Please email me if interested. -email-

Yeah im down for a knoxville group.....anyone else that wants to give me a call 865 237 8026
Apr 13 06, 04:36PM

Hey Im Crocker from Knoxville TN. I am a complete noob so if anyone is up to teaching me thatd be friggin awesome. My email is -email- and my cell is (865)-254-7214
May 13 06, 10:53AM
knoxville, tn
Looking for some knoxville people to jam with send me a pm or IM or something. gimmearotary at ...
Jul 15 06, 12:56PM

what's up.... i'm here in Nashville TN. Very intrested in learning Parkour, I didn't know there was art form, I saw the monkey vault and I have done it in my dreams while running very fast. I have always loved climbing trees and fond of breakdancing, although I dont know how... hopefully there is a team close by so that I can get some help learning!
Sep 08 06, 02:36PM

new guy in clarksville looking for some people to PK
Sep 18 06, 11:01PM

Im in cookeville and want others to pk w/
Nov 05 06, 08:41PM

I live half an hour south of Memphis, TN in Mississippi. I'm interested in learning because I have always excelled in running and climbing anywhere and anything.
If there is anyone in the Memphis area who would like to help me get moving, it would be greatly appreciated.
Feb 26 07, 04:22PM

I live in knoxville. My friend and I have just started training for some Parkour. If anyone else in the area would like to get together and share some tips or do a fence run or something that would be great.
Mar 19 07, 07:15AM

hey im going to start a pk crew here around fort campbell i have way toom uch free time on the weekends and want to start somethng up, if you live in nashville, clarksville, knoxville, memphis, and anywhere around fotrcampbell email me at -email-, im going to try and set this up so email me if you really are intrested my car is in the shop right now but i can probably transport about 4 if people dont have rides.
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